My Attitude

My vocabulary is wonderful, colorful, full of slurs, both specific and diverse, not preferred or discriminating, not incriminating, just words. I pass the hatred deep down to the clowns that will never make it, will never rake it in like my current occupation, one that the nation looks at as meeting above average expectations.

As a reluctant team player, I’m slaying the drag-downers, I’m laying down put-downs to burn the bottom layer, to scorch their self-worth to the point of making them greater, or letting them pack their shit and leave, far far away, see you later.

If you’re not making the mean, of course I’ll be the hater, because what are you doing but making future history hate yours? And as the ghetto children are born into a world full of war, wondering why the worlds getting so warm, why poverty is a swarm, taking the world by storm, why their families are torn, the path to mediocrity is worn, and No. One. Is. Trying.


Nature is cool, I like computers

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