We launched WoofJS as an open source JavaScript framework on July 12th, 2016. A few months later, we launched a first version of WoofJS.com as playground to try out the library. You couldn’t create an account, save your work, or anything.

One piece at a time

We weren’t sure if anyone would ever use the…

We love it when our students work together. However, it can be tricky when there are many students but only one keyboard and mouse. Oftentimes it degrades to a place where one codes and the others watch passively.

That’s why we’re excited to announce WoofJS Team Projects!

On Team Projects…

About one month ago, I announced The Rose Project, my open source effort to make programming better. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you start there. As promised, this is my update one month later.

Pausing Prune

At the time of my last writing, I planned to continue working on…

Making programming better

As a computer science educator, I see students struggling to learn to code every day. Much of this struggle is worthwhile: learning to model, to debug, and to think more precisely, iteratively, and systematically.

However, much of this struggle is unnecessary. Why should we make students memorize arcane syntax rules…

Thanks to the tireless work of the open source community, programming has never been better than it is today. However, we can always improve our languages, tools and frameworks. These resources are where I draw inspiration for my work in this domain.

Foundational reading

Type theory is notoriously difficult to understand. To make it easier for beginners, MIT’s Scratch programming language uses shapes as a metaphor to explain types.

For example, in Scratch booleans (values that can be either true or false, yes or no) are hexagonal. …

Much has changed since the United States’s representative democracy was created. If we could write a democratic constitution from scratch today, using all of the technological advances in the last three centuries, what would it look like?

Technologically-Enabled Direct Democracy, or TEDD for short, is one answer to this question.

We never met in person.

I barely even knew you existed until I read Mindstorms three years ago.

While reading it, it became abundantly clear to me how much I owe to your work.

Let me explain.

I experienced a distinct mental shift in my childhood. Right around 8th grade…

Last week I was working with an 11-year-old student, Jenny, who was new to coding. After spending a few days in Scratch, she was now building a Flappy Bird-esque game in JavaScript using the WoofJS framework.

“Is this coding advanced?” Jenny asked.

Trying to reassure her, I pointed out some…

At first, I avoided MIT’s Scratch programming language.

It seems childish. When you load the Scratch homepage, you’re greeted by friendly cartoons that seem appropriate for preschoolers. The programming language itself isn’t even a proper language. Instead of typing, you drag and drop pre-made blocks into place. …

Steve Krouse

Enabling computational thinking by building tools for thought at futureofcoding.org. Co-creator of thecodingspace.com and woofjs.com

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