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Finally…! Someone who can write and understands basketball…! I was beginning to believe that the sportswriters of the world were officially extinct..! No “Player Jocking”, No “Joan Collins Gossip” just some good old fashioned writing..! Thank You…! To all the Stephen A. Smith’s out their take note….! Writing from your heart still matters.

On the KD note, I like you have about 40 years of NBA memories in my head and I’ve never seen a player like KD. While I hoped OKC would win I had the Warriors in 7. I can’t say I thought it would go down like it did but, what stood out more than anything to me in that series was the EFFORT those two teams played with on both ends. For me somehow OKC losing game 7 didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would because I felt like they gave it all they had and the Warriors had just a teaspoon more to give. I know it doesn’t make sense but that series was the closest thing we’ve had to 90s style basketball in quite some time. It was like when DJ stole that ball from the Pistons and the Celts pulled it out. You knew that the Pistons would be back. I hope that KD stays, I think the world wants to see a rematch of that series more than any LeBron vs any team series. I believe KD and Russ represent that breed of player that is prideful and wants to earn the Chip independent of the Free Agent mashup. I’m sorry but I’m disappointed with the LBJ to MIA experiment. 4 straight visits 2 rings. I think LBJ’s legacy if he doesn’t win this one will keep him out of Top 5 talk. I would rather KD stay and play with this unit because I think they could win. I think they could get a talented sub or two to come to them. They are closer than any squad that he could go to except GS which would be a “Punk Move” I don’t see him doing that. It’s going to be an interesting off season in many cities with the NBA Draft and the pending cap increase comes into play. Thanks again for a great article.

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