Fuck the NFL’s Yearly Attempt to Cash in on Cancer
Jordan Lebeau

Mr. Lebeau, your words are powerful. I’ve been a Medium supporter from the start and it’s great to see its potential being recognized by these types of articles. Your work on this subject is moving, I applaud your stand and also support it. It helps that you are a product of my hometown so of course I appreciate it even more.

The NFL has started its fall from the tops of people’s minds. Most do not see it but I do. As a kid I loved Football more than any sport. I grew up supporting the Grogan lead Pats and while I rolled with the Sox and Bruins I just never loved them Celts…sports are a huge thing in our society. The NFL and its legions of Lawyers and Thieves has started to eat itself with numerous bad decisions over the last decade. The high priced labor it markets has become less of a necessity for me because of the way it is allowed to waste time and resources on trivial things but not address the problems some of these high priced athletes cause. Cancer and Breast Cancer has affected my family on more than one occasion. I’ve lost a Grandmother, and my Godson’s mother is battling now. For the NFL to be so tied to making money and to control things without the regards of the good players trying to do good things for the communities they are a part of just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s called “Goodwill” for a reason and Mr. Hall’s request should be seen as such. To deny him the opportunity means that other players and players family members also cannot contribute to a very real cause. It’s like the NFL only cares to promote and allow “foolery”. Again thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject.

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