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Within my community (I’m a Brown American)we have a range of views about this song, some don’t think he had the right to make it. Some like myself think it’s necessary, just as J. Cole’s “Be Free” was. The discussion of what to do about it still hasn’t been addressed. In fact many white folks will tell you they earned everything they’ve received. Your view is one of the few which actually says what we all know. That there is no way to pay for that privilege. No way to settle the score, what we can do though is talk about a future where we no longer have a group of people treated differently because they are different. I appreciate your candor, I appreciate your truth. I only wish more within the white community could understand like you do. I believe with understanding comes growth. With growth comes change, and with change brings new challenges. We’ve yet to understand, we’ve yet to grow. The systems prescribed to cure these ills are making them worse not better. A song can go a long way to making us all think, making us talk, makings us question. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate your views.