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The Art of Product Marketing in a Digital World.

Steve Lesnard
Jan 28, 2019 · 3 min read

New and dynamic digital and social mediums are changing the way we market new products.

These choices, while having amazing benefits, can prove to be counterproductive when not leveraged properly. Brands that cut through always place consumer needs at the heart of their strategy. Successful product introductions highlight clear benefits that add real value to consumer’s lives.

Follow these 2 key principles to successfully market your next product:

1.”Keep it simple to make it memorable”.

Walt Disney used to say that the most important thing was to “get the story line right”.

The best product introduction articulate clear consumer benefits, outlining what is new and better. Make no mistake, this is far from easy. Simplifying forces teams to focus on the most innovative and relevant features to communicate… And sometimes, you have to simply pick a lane and go for it.

The famous iPod campaign, “10k songs in your pocket” remains a classic example of how Apple focused on a simple benefit to bring a new solution to consumers who wanted music on the go….

Their communication strategy opted for simplicity and emotion at a time when the industry was racing for technical supremacy.

Today, Apple keeps expanding its watch positioning with a focus on “safety” (allowing you to stay connected when your phone might not be at your side) and “health and fitness” by expanding its sports monitoring features and measurements. Apple continues to keep it simple, while giving consumers a reason to upgrade. The new ECG feature will also expand its consumer base, arguably reaching an older consumer but delivering on Apple’s mission to democratize its technology.

Another great example of keeping it simple is the way Peleton changed the Fitness industry by offering a “private indoor cycling studio” in your home. Peleton’s promise, bring the energy of the best New York fitness class right to your living room. Instead of marketing their premium spinning bike, they opted to elevate their unique experience. This idea is so powerful it is naturally leading them to expand across multiple sports (running, fitness) and platforms (with their sports app).

2. “Bring it to life to make it real”.

The second principle is centered around the consumer experience you want to bring to life once you are crystal clear on your storyline.

How does it look on your body? What does it do? How would you use it? All these elements can be presented in ways that can cut through, and energize the medium you choose.

The use of videos placing the product in the right context, the ability to bring consumer testimony into the story line and the opportunity to outline the best features you want to be remembered for have never been more rich and dynamic with today’s tools.

For example, Yeti successfully entered an established and traditional business by positioning their premium products through the outdoor lifestyle of their ambassadors. (Did I say that they were selling coolers?). They bring to life how Yeti’s products keep your drinks warmer or colder longer while in the wild.

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As you embark on your next marketing campaign, ask yourself: What is the main consumer benefit that I want to be remembered for? What are the most immersive, creative ways to bring it to life? Who are the best ambassadors to help broadcast the message?

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