If I Were 22 — Seize the Moment

Recently, I had the privilege to speak at an AMA (American Marketing Association) event at my Alma Mater, Temple University Fox School of Business. In spite of previously returning to campus several times since graduation, this time felt different. It was my first time back in the school of business where I had spent the lion’s share of my college years. I found myself thinking what insight would have been beneficial to me as a young adult about to take on the real world? What #ifIwere22 ?

During college I had the fortune of coming in contact with excellent professors and advisors. Their wisdom helped guide me to determine a specific area of business in which to focus. Within the business curriculum there were many choices; drilling down on one discipline felt like a daunting task. When reflecting back to the time I was 22, I thought about what drove me to find my niche in the business world such as:

  • Marketing,
  • Marketing research, and
  • All things digital

I wanted to plant a seed of wisdom that students could take with them well after our one-hour long session. In my mind, I kept going back to what drove me to select marketing over all other facets of business. I still could not generate a simple answer.

Then, it struck me as I was walking down Liacouras Walk towards Alter Hall, where the school of business is located. One brief phrase echoed in my mind as something students could take with them going forward that had provided me wisdom that would put me ahead on my career path: “seize the moment.” Unlike carpe diem, which is more about seizing the moment with no concern towards the future, my interpretation of this quote emphasizes going into the future with enthusiasm and to relish each and every experience. In my career, I have been privileged to partner with high profile clients, Fortune 1000 organizations, and successful start-ups. I value each opportunity as one from which to learn and contribute, hence “seizing the moment.”

Considering that I remembered this poignant quote minutes prior to guest lecturing, I did not adequately prepare to teach the students about it in as much depth as I would have liked. However, by having the opportunity to write this piece as well as being invited back to speak again in the Fall, I am provided with yet another chance to make the point. Fortunately, I have been given an opportunity to once again “seize the moment.”

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