Our Favorite Tools for Creation

In order to build cutting-edge websites and applications that deliver results for our clients and delight their customers, we at Liquid’s Design team take advantage of a treasure trove of programs, tools, and frameworks. Here’s a peek into some of our favorites.

Axure RP

Axure RP provides us with powerful wireframing and prototyping tools without the need to understand technical code. It helps our Interaction Designers and Strategy team put together basic layouts and structures without any sort of creative design or programming. It’s a staple in our process for getting ideas down quickly.


Sketch is relatively new to the game, but it’s certainly not a tool that’s lacking in features. Everything we create using Sketch looks beautiful thanks to its powerful grid system and vector-based workspace. Sketch is very intuitive and user-friendly, and it’s designed specifically for designers.

Adobe Photoshop

What’s not to love about Photoshop? It’s been a staple in digital design for decades. When we need to create traditional full-screen, static mock-ups, Photoshop is our go-to. We’re particularly excited about the new features rolled out constantly with the new Creative Cloud membership program — which also means we don’t need to upgrade our software yearly, thanks to Adobe’s new subscription-based model.


Unlike the other tools on our list, Bootstrap isn’t a program or application; rather, it’s a super-handy HTML/CSS/JavaScript-based framework that allows us to wireframe and prototype using production-ready code. Created by a designer and developer at Twitter, Bootstrap has a powerful mobile-first responsive grid system along with dozens of built-in components that are common to most websites and applications. In short, Bootstrap helps take some of the heavy lifting away from coding responsive websites, and also assists with communication between our designers and developers (as well as our clients).

…but that’s not all

Our collection of tools certainly isn’t exclusive to this brief list — and our Design team is constantly searching out new programs, applications and frameworks to help strengthen our process, communication, quality, and results for our clients.

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