Death From Above 1979, The Proud Boys and The Alt Right UPDATED

Jesse Keeler has made a public statement about the questions raised in this article here.

Here are the facts presented in this article:

Jesse Keeler appeared on Gavin McInnes’s podcast 6 times, 5 times in 2016.

Jesse Keeler attended an election night party with Gavin and other Proud Boys.

Gavin McInnes claimed Jesse Keeler as a Proud Boy in an article.

These are undeniable facts. They are documented. This is not fake news or made up.

Indie darlings Death From Above have a new album out and just announced a tour with At The Drive In. They are currently in a press cycle where puff piece after puff piece are being written about them, but somehow every reporter has failed to ask band leader Jesse F. Keeler about his connections to Gavin McInnes, his Proud Boys and The Alt Right.

Jesse F. Keeler is a regular guest on The Gavin McInnes Podcast, the breeding ground and recruitment podcast of The Proud Boys themselves. He is on there not to argue with Gavin, but to talk about common interests like pro-gun issues and crypto anti-immigrant subjects like “How England is losing its identity” :

Jesse is pals with Gavin and they even hung out on election night together.

This image is from this Tumblr with the caption: “- Spending all of election day with Gavin McInnes and my Proud Boy friends — Meeting Jesse from DFA1979

In August of 2016 Gavin McInnes claimed Jesse Keeler as a Proud Boy in an article on the Proud Boy Magazine website. When a user on Twitter started asking about it, the article was removed on October 17th, 2017.

Screenshots from the article and the html assets can be found here:

So the question remains… why does DFA and Jesse Keeler get a pass from the music press and community about his blatant and obvious ties to Gavin McInnes, The Proud Boys and The Alt Right? Why does the press fail to question him on these things and continue to write puff pieces?

Fuck The Proud Boys. Fuck Gavin McInnes. Fuck “Western Chauvinism.” Fuck Death From Above 1979 and FUCK White Supremacy.

Gavin McInnes in a Skrewdriver shirt and a WP tattoo on his right arm. It’s just all a big troll, right?

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