How to Improve Personal Enthusiasm for Marketing & Other Careers Efforts

I bet some of you out there just aren’t that Jazzed about your marketing strategy and job.

Maybe because you’re marketing a dry product or service?

Is it because your great idea has been watered down by the necessities of your firm?

Are you trance-like going thru the motions?

Or, dare I say it? You don’t like your job?

Boring products

If the product you are marketing is boring, you obviously can’t change that. But you can get a better understanding of your target persona. Who says that a boring product has be marketed in a boring fashion? I didn’t. You probably didn’t (if you did, you’re in the wrong business).

For instance, I’ve found most good teachers to be engaging, fun to listen to, and can teach with a sense of humor, drama and insight. Clearly not boring. But they sure can use some boring products — textbooks, erasers, art materials, pencils… you name it. For them, the products aren’t boring. They are an essential part of being the best teacher possible. Putting yourself in their shoes — having the best possible persona and segmentation is one way to do this. Ethnographic research is another. See my recent post on how customers think.

Have you had to water down your marketing concepts?

This happens a lot. Maybe the management team can’t get behind your exciting marketing idea because they don’t understand how it will meet objectives. Maybe the sales team wants a bit of “their reality” (Hey, why not do more events or redo the corporate presentation?). Maybe they think that they can market as well as you? And finally, it could be a matter of trust.

A lot of this is addressed by education. You must educate the team what the essence of marketing is and demonstrate that you have expertise that they don’t. Education is not a one and done — you must build a curriculum and execute against it. Teach the strategic role marketing plays in meeting firm objectives.

Listen to your team regarding their realities. Maybe they have some good ideas that will enhance your program. Give them some ownership. Collaborate! As the restaurateur Danny Meyer says, customers <your team> may not always be right, but they always deserve to be listened to.

If you feel there is a lack of trust you’ll need to work hard to understand the root cause. Talk to those that you perceive as not trusting. Help them. Work with them. Show them that you can be trusted. And then build an action plan to continually grow and maintain trust.

Are you just going thru the motions?

This is a think before you leap issue and fundamental to who you are. Who are you by the way? You’re certainly not your label.

My name is Joe.

Or your milestones.

I was born the son of an orthodontist but I still have a diastema, so then I went to NYU Dental School and fixed it myself and now I am a world-renowned diastema fixer.

You’re not that inner critical voice that you hear constantly.

Maybe I should go to dental school. Nah, I hate teeth. But maybe, I’ll like it? I’ll make a good living. But I hate teeth.

Rarely does that type of inner voice approximate reality. And they can’t make up their minds.

So what’s left? You as an observer of your inner and outer life. If you took all of these descriptors and events away, you’d still be you. Once you’ve gotten rid of those distractions, it makes it easier to determine what you want. This exercise won’t completely answer the why you are bored question, but it sure will make it easier.

You don’t like your job

Reread the section above.

Summaries — they don't often capture the true essence of a conversation but you do need to tie a package up…

A life infused with enthusiasm is wonderful. It enhances every day experiences and makes you a happier person. We work hard. We work long hours. So, if you’re not enthusiastic look to the reasons discussed above. Solving for one of those, may help you solve for the enthusiasm in other areas of your life.