Hey Steve!
Brian Lonsdorf

Thanks Brian!

I saw that definition in Bartosz’s blog: https://bartoszmilewski.com/2015/09/01/the-yoneda-lemma/#comment-73669

In Co-Yoneda section:

Nat(C(-, a), F) ≅ F a
Equivalently, we can derive the co-Yoneda lemma by fixing the target object of our hom-functors instead of the source. We get the contravariant hom-functor from C to Set: C(-, a). The contravariant version of the Yoneda lemma establishes one-to-one correspondence between natural transformations from this functor to any other contravariant functor F and the elements of the set F a:

Oh I think I understand it. F here is contravariant, not Coyoneda object you defined…

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