I am back.

Back in the late 90’s I used to write a daily on-line diary. If the term blogging had been invented I had not heard of it. The diary was pretty specific and related to my work with carbon fibre, more specifically, the design, manufacture and use of high end fishing rods. I kept it going off and on until around 2011, more than 10 years. I have decided it is time to start again.

A blog can do many things. Originally my aim was to share my philosophy and passion about the product we made, and help generate sales. What I noticed in doing that, was blogging could become a very good way to ordering your thoughts and helping them evolve. The flow of ideas can take on a life of their own, like characters in a story, and the blog becomes a powerful creative tool. Perhaps most importantly, my blog became a commitment to doing something. Transient ideas became plans and projects, and finally commitents.

At this later time in my life, I no longer need to worry about promoting my business, in fact that is the last thing I want to do, but I do have a little more time to look at the world around us and maybe share some things I have learned on the way and contribute a little to problems of the time.

Twitter has been a revelation and has helped me connect with many people with similar interests, but the real journey begins when you connect with people with different views and interests who can carry you into fascinating new areas. I am hoping that a blog will extend that Twitter experience beyond the superficial 140 characters. Who knows, but expect this blog to talkabout anything from the Welsh cycle routes, promoting my home town Liverpool, tick-box quality measurement, food and the NHS.

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