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The Sheriff has been an embarrassing joke for a long time. Milwaukee has significant long-standing problems with police oppression of minorities (not surprising with guys like this heading law enforcement.) With the proliferation of viral videos, the general population has actually been put into the shoes of the victims and polling shows they understand and don’t like the cops running roughshod over the Constitutional rights and well being of minority populations. This is a battle for the hearts and minds of both those in minority communities and the population at large; the sea change in attitudes towards police seems, for the first time, to have a chance of penetrating and changing police practices and culture. Which leads me to wonder over the wisdom of making an issue of an incident, that on initial indications, had a black cop shooting an armed man under circumstances that may have given the cop a legitimate fear for his life. Doesn’t it give a guy like the Sheriff a podium where he can, with some support, say the protestors won’t be satisfied until cops let people threaten their lives without responding. Might this now dilute the message of Black Lives Matter? I acknowledge further investigation may flip the initial facts on their head, but until that happens, isn’t it premature to hit the street in anger?

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