Steve Misencik — Golfing Tips

Golf is a sport of skill and technique rather than brute force. While there is not a lot of physical contact involved, it is still a tough sport where finesse and grace are the essential skills for winning. There are some tips provided by Steve Misencik that can help a golfer’s game.

Swing positions are important to a golfer. The key to a good swing is speed. It is important to have the club head hit the ball when it is moving the fastest. Many golfers make the mistake of focusing on power which can decrease their speed potential.

Other common mistakes that jeopardize speed are snatching the club away from the ball too quickly, when a golfer is too concerned with making a perfect backswing rather than putting an emphasis on impact, and flipping the club at the ball, which offers no leverage or power. To get good distance from a swing a golfer should focus on accelerating starting at the hip coming down all the way back up to the hip on the follow through. Besides the acceleration in the swing, it’s important to keep the lead arm soft and relaxed to help with speed. Typically, golfers tend to add in more tension than needed in their lead arm hindering speed. Keeping your hands and arms loose as you swing will help sling the club through with speed coming at the bottom where it should be.

Steve Misencik is a Dallas-based executive currently working in the telecommunications industry. As the Director of Network Infrastructure Planning at Verizon, his job keeps him pretty busy. However, he does try to find time to do things that interest him such as golf.

Steve golfs to help him take his mind off the stressful workweek and enjoys working on his swing.

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