Morning thoughts- 2/04/17

Woke up feeling better today. I’ve been fighting a tiny cold. Chugging waters and Kumbucha is my new NyQuil.

First thought of today were sex and religion related. I don’t participate in both. One more than the other.

I was also thinking about how being wealthy is considered such a bad thing among people my age. If you have money that means you stole or robbed the poor. Which in some cases that could be true, but most of the time it isn’t.

People think becoming wealthy means you have to sacrifice your soul and well being. Im not wealthy, yet, but the biggest difference I’ve seen between poor and wealthy is laziness.

I work(ed) with people who think working for 20$ hr is going to solve all their money problems. And when they realize it isn’t helping, they go to — Stage 1: Whine And Moan. Instead of actually looking for the real problem which is themselves and the inability to research how money works.

I’ve worked with several people who go day to day on just one income. They have kids, rent, mortgages, and car payment(s), but blame their boss for not paying them more money.

People try to act like money isn’t important. “I don’t need money to be happy” or “money doesnt motivate me” all that could be true, but without money you don’t have freedom. I truly believe having money is simply just another word for Freedom. Freedom to travel, freedom to eat, freedom for your kids and family.

I’m rambling and also, I must add, I’m not wealthy. But I know I will be. Who knows how long I’m not going to put a date on it, but in the mean time I’m doing my due diligence and learning every chance I get.

My nose and stomach aren’t happy with me at moment. I won’t get into to much detail. I’ll see you tomorrow