Morning Thoughts 2/16/17

Sun is out again. The light is peeking through my window and landing on my pillow. Perfect alarm clock.

I wonder what it would be like to live 400–500 years ago. Maybe even earlier. I wanna go to back when someone decided, “hey let’s get the fuck out of the rain.” And then they built a wood hut. Imagine that feeling after they finished the hut. He was probably was the hero at that camp site.

There had to be the Michael Jordan of building wood huts back then. “Yea Dave is in town. He builds the best wood huts. He only charges loafs of bread and cinnamon.”

Sometimes I think technology is over rated. This idea that we have to make progress as a species is so ingrained in us, that I begin to think we messed up somewhere.

What was wrong with living with wood huts and killing what you found that night?

Every time I eat something I think about how precious this meal would have been to someone 500–600 years ago.

When people ate meals hundreds of years ago it must have been so blissful. Back then a meal meant your family, your tribe, your little community SURVIVED that day.

Now when I eat a meal it’s just out of per hunger and sometimes boredom. If I was starving at any time of the day I could run down to Wendy’s and grab myself a hot bun with some chicken on it. Crazy.

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. It spoils us. Makes us unhealthy and also unappreciative of actually food.

“Can I get a number 3" we narrowed it down to just a number.

I’ve heard people say “we lose the feeling of actually money, because we don’t actually touch money anymore. It’s all on your card or phone now.” That’s why it’s so easy to go broke with a credit card because that feeling of handing over something tangible isn’t there. I feel the same way about food now. We narrowed it down to just a number. “Can i get a number 5?” What does that even mean in nature. Imagine if you saw a chicken in the wild and asked “hey can i get a number 5?” That chicken would pluck you until you ran away.

Are iPhones, Automated cars, Amazon Prime, VR headsets, 24 hour drive thrus better than hunting a meal and building a wood hunt?

Some days it doesn’t seem like that.

I’ll be back tomorrow