Morning Thoughts 2/23/17

“The crosswalk couple”

I saw a couple this morning walking on the crosswalk. They were in their mid 40s probably, Holding hands, first thought I had was, “wow that’s cool, you don’t see a lot of couples holding hands anymore.” At least I don’t. And it was early in the morning, it wasn’t a romantic date on a Friday night. No, they were wearing flip flops and sweats. I thought it was nice seeing that.

As they were about to cross the street via the crosswalk the car in front of me stopped over the cross walk line and blocked the walk way. I left a enough room behind him so he could reverse if he wanted to.

As the couple is approaching the blocked car, the man throws his hands up at the guy blocking the cross walk. Cussing at him.

Yes, you shouldn’t be blocking the cross walk but losing your mind over something that causes you little to no stress is crazy. He maybe wasted a half a step to go around, but that was such a burden on his walk he had to cuss at the driver.

My point is why float that negative energy towards something so little. So minor. Can you imagine how he reacts to something more serious? Someone rear ends his car? Forget about it. That might lead to a death.

You yelling at someone who had no intentions of blocking you out of your walk is excessive. It’s a waste of time to actually worry about that.

If/when someone is blocking me on the cross walk I go the fuck around. I don’t even notice it.

“There’s a road block, figure a way around it.” That’s how life is. Things don’t work how I planned every single day. And someone being a jackass blocking a crosswalk is Air past my ears.

Not that this guy is ever going to read this nor does my opinion of him even matter but I went from, “wow this guy is cool for holding her hand.” To “how about you relax?”

Breathe, relax

I don’t know how to finish this

I’ll see you tomorrow

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