Is the new MacBook a mildly-interesting upgrade to the old one? Yes! Would I get it if I was in the market? Probably.
Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

This is the problem right here! There are a multitude of problems with this new design (I’ll add a small list below), and the only way to let Apple know that their direction of travel is a bad one, is to vote with your wallet.

Disclaimer: I have a first-gen 2012 retina MBP and have been waiting 2 years for this release to get a much-needed upgrade — I won’t be buying this new mac. The problems for me are that Apple have:

  • removed the power extension cable for the charger.
  • removed the mag-safe charge port!
  • added the branding to the screen bezel.
  • removed the physical function row keys, useful to many software engineers, if not many others (and muscle memory beats having to look for a specific key).
  • removed all of the useful ports, consequently forcing most users to resort to using adapters and cables to do anything from using a USB pen drive to charging an Apple smart phone
  • removed the SD card reader!!!!
  • made the mistake of not aligning the new virtual escape key so that it sits in the same position it used to (see your own attached photo).
  • considerably reduced the size of the battery
  • limited customers to a maximum of 16GB of RAM
  • substantially increased the cost.
  • removed the screen cloth!?
  • switched the keyboard to low travel butterfly keys.

I’m all for USB-C, I really am, but I don’t want to have to replace all of my USB pen drives, or pull out an adapter whenever I need to use one, or carry around a hub or dedicated reader whenever I need to access my SD card, or use a dongle to connect my laptop to a TV, etc, etc.

This is a big fail for Apple, in my opinion.

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