Language learning: where consuming is king

I’m an American who has been living in China for 4+ years. Anyone who has been in a similar situation knows that discussing how to learn languages becomes a topic of daily conversation: expats discuss how to learn the local language, and the locals discuss how to learn English. I’ve had my own successes and failures with it, but I’ve discovered one common theme that everyone should be more conscious of in their day-to-day studies, and not only in language learning: the balance of creating and consuming.

There are four core categories in language learning, and they can be broken…

While setting up a new side project using rails 5, I wanted a quick-and-easy CI service to help verify my code quality. GitLab has a CI service built into their (free) private git repository service, so it seemed worth giving a shot. The verdict? It’s easy to use and straightforward to configure, but it’s a lot slower than having your own CI machine. That’s good enough for my use case.

For this project, I have two requirements for my CI service:

  • Run my rspec test suite and ensure the tests pass
  • Run static code analysis against the ruby code (with…

Steven Jackson

Web developer (Rails + React), American expat living in Chengdu, China.

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