5 Common Mistakes Every Real Estate Investor Should Avoid
The Deed XChange

Thanks for sharing. I just have some ideas. When buying an apartment building to invest, I loking for

1. Location: Is the apartment or rental property in an area where there is demand for rentals? Try to get some information on what the typical renter profile that you could expect to stay in the property. Are they tenants that you would want? Are they aplenty?

2. The Surrounding Marketing: Knowing your competition is one of the most important considerations when choosing an investment property. What is the average rent in the area? How about the vacancy rate?

3. Condition of the property: Regardless of which market you are interested in, nice homes generally attract nice tenants. Are you buying a fixer upper that will cost you more than you can afford?

4. Finding the property: There are many real estate investors in the world so competition is high for finding a high return property. I try Modoho provides the vista apartment for rent the source that that allows you to discover top real estate investments and analyze rental strategies when I invest in Viet Nam. Hope this help !

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