Avoid Pharmacy777 like the plague.

Today I needed to get a new pair of nail scissors. So I went into Pharmacy777 Glendalough, Western Australia, Australia. pharmacy777.com.au

I picked up a pair of nail scissors whose price label said $10.98 Australian Dollars/AUD. As a reference I got an identical or better pair of nail scissors in Albany, Western Australia for about $6AUD. $8AUD is an okay price at a pharmacy, $9AUD is barely tolerable.

I went to the front desk and proffered the extremely overpriced nail scissors. I gave them the opportunity to improve their standing. I asked for a New Year’s Day discount. “How about 10% off?” I asked. The receptionist looked extremely uncomfortable, and said after a short pause that the product couldn’t be “discounted MORE". MORE emphasis mine.

I said that I would “get them somewhere else. See ya!” And I left them to put the scissors back on the shelf.

I encourage you to share this article widely and not to buy anything from Pharmacy777 if at all possible.

If you want to, you can ring them up at +61 8444 5551:



Shop 8-10, Glendalough Village Shopping Centre (cnr. Harborne St & Jon Sanders Drv), Glendalough WA 6016

Phone: (08) 9444 5551

Fax: (08) 9444 7277

Email: glendalough@pharmacy777.com.au

Opening Hours: EVERY DAY 8AM – 10PM"

and ask them politely and without being derogatory, aggressive, or loud, how they can’t even give a mere 10%/$1.10 discount on New Year’s Day of all days, on a $10.98AUD pair of nail scissors and not only that they said that they can’t be “discounted MORE"?

Avoid any Pharmacy777 like the plague.

Did I mention that the word “Pharmaceutical" includes “poison" as part of its meaning? This is true, even if such companies squat on Wikipedia and other similar definition sites to make sure you only get Their Definition.