No Man Left Behind-Attributes of 3 Fellow Bootcampers

Symbiotic relations of team members

I was fortunate to be part of a group now a team by name “alpha_” in Andela Kenya cohort 33 boot camp. My team is headed by a learning facilitator in Andela, abbreviated as LFA by the name Jeff Njogu. I will share a little more about him later and the impact of my encounter with him.

In the team, we are a total of ten individuals and I have met all of them except one who remains a mystery. My teammates are in many ways analogous to a fruit basket, each with its own unique flavor, appearance, nutritional content, fiber rations and many other attributes I may not have inferred on this fruit basket.

I have this lady called Diana Kerubo, she is soft spoken and lively. She delicately balances between the Andela boot camp and her employment in an IT organization.

Diana speaks good English but her default language of communicating is Kiswahili. I am the contrast in that aspect.

I had a smile on my face when she asked me whether I was Kenyan. She apparently had not heard me utter any Swahili word and so a number of my fellow boot campers. She is inquisitive, always trying to discover and learn her more about her colleagues and of their well being.

That said she is one that will take a pause to lend an ear or help. At one point in my boot camp experience, I found myself rough at sea. I recall when she arrived at the workshop one day coming over and asking if “kila kitu iko sawa!”. I was honest with her and she set me to sit next to her. What she did next was more surprising. She went over to a gentleman, now Joshua Kodhe and negotiated for him to take time to unblock me on the flask restful multitude of files and directories structures. I got help and realized quickly how resourceful she is at networking and connecting persons.

At this point let me switch and give you a snippet of Joshua. He is a young, calm and collected character. This is his second attempt at boot camp. He I learned left his employment at KRA pursue and participate in Andela boot camp 33. He is staking it all. He is a good communicator and after my encounter, with him, I can vouch that he makes for a good teacher. He is selfless, open, generous with his time and knowledge. He is also keen in following up the progress of anyone he encounters. I found him capable not only of motivating himself but others as well. He is not all about code but has a plausible grasp of the python language.

Barno joined us a few days after the boot camp. He also goes by the name Kipruto.

Barno hails from Eldoret and like me who came from Kisumu, he is here in Nairobi solely for the Andela boot camp.

This gentleman in energetic and passionate even when talking on any subject. I see him also as a resourceful mobilizer. He is endowed with a strong physic and mental capacity. He shared that he has a computer science background which in my assessment is correct solely by the way he grasps and articulates certain concepts.

The other nature of Barno is wanting to have everyone in his circle at par. A “No man left behind” kind of attitude. He is an amicable and valuable team member.

Jeff Njogu first interacted with me on email. His message was very clear and cut as to the purpose of the email and what he expected me to action. I got to meet him two days after our initial contact.

In my eyes, he represents a solid stability. He carries an aura about him that makes him easily approachable. When he settles with the team he is not one in a hurry or a rush and has time for us collectively and individually. He seems so knowledgeable for the seven months he alludes to have been in Andela. That makes him an inspiration to me and many others.

I have heavily interacted with him on slack and he responds to each and every inquiry without dropping a feather. This fellow can multitask well if my team members are reaching out to him at the same frequency level I have done.

He embodies the spirit of open-source giving freely of his knowledge and provides resources that can aid us. I am getting to bond with him as he steers us along this growth path to becoming World class software developers.

I have not written about all the members in my team made up of, Michael, Rafael, Jerusha, Muthuri and this other mysterious gentleman in our slack channel by name John Mengere. All of them like our fruit basket are special in their own ways.