How up to date should your dependencies be?

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I recently set up Dependabot for one of my Android projects. Quick summary: Dependabot will look at your dependency files (.gradle, pod files, package.json) and automatically open PRs on a set schedule to update each one of your packages. It is actually a part of GitHub natively now and setup is as easy as checking in a file. Then you get PRs! It actually couldn’t be any easier, which you can’t say about a lot of systems.

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This is really nice for keeping your dependencies up to date. If you have CI that runs against PRs, you can even get some confirmation that your system will work with these updates. …

Should you actually deploy your app every merge?

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It seems like continuous deployment is what all DevOps teams shoot for. Every merge to master should go right into the customer’s hands. The code should be heavily tested with smoke, unit, and integration tests, put through staging environments, and then put out into the wild with a magic pipeline.

And at GameChanger, this is what we have for our back end. On every push to Git, we have a suite of tests that run against the code to test its viability for deployment. …

Slow down before picking the newest framework

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The first project I ever worked on professionally was an Angular 1.0 project. It was supposed to be a rewrite of a very old system. I didn’t know anything about anything, but the task to build a full-stack web application was put upon my team. This was built with Angular 1!

I remember learning the ins and outs of Angular and JavaScript pure. It was brutal! But after essentially a year of being thrown in the fire and running into my boss' office with constant questions, I actually knew some stuff. …


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