Ignite Your Ideas with Adobe Spark

There are so many apps that you can use to share stories. Picture, Video, and Website are some common apps used to share your stories. How if there is one app that enable you to create graphics, video, and website in one platform?

Introducing Adobe Spark

“Adobe Spark is a collection of three creation tools. Spark Page lets you create dynamic sites hosted on the web. Spark Video is a tool to create short movie clips using voice and media. Spark Post is perfect for making posters, flyers, or images to share on school social media platforms.” http://www.techlearning.com/blogentry/10999

Why using Adobe Spark?

  1. One Account, Three Projects. You can create image, video, and website by just signing up Adobe Spark.
  2. Less is More. You will have very simple template for creating a poster, website, and video. Everything you need to create the best campaign is simplified here.
  3. Save & Share. You can keep & download the poster and video and put on the website and share the link to teachers and friends. How simple is that?
  4. Free!! You can create, keep, and share any projects you want in adobe spark for FREE!

How I use Adobe Sparks in my class?

This is how you can use Adobe Spark in the Classroom :

Adobe Spark Introduction


How to use Adobe Spark

I am teaching Social Studies and it’s very easy for me to ask the students to create poster, video, and website to promote their ideas to the world:

1. I taught environment sustainability and I challenge the students to campaign the role of 3R lifestyle witth Adobe Spark. There are some amazing poster, video, and also website in below link. Take a look!

2. In the next chapter, we studied Economics and Business so I also challenge my students to show their fluency of ideas through designing their’ favorite product advertisement. You can click the link below to check poster, video, and website they designed to make the product more engaging and exciting.

Popular Product Advertisement

3. Lastly, I also taught ICT, I did final exam using Adobe Spark by sharing students’ reflection about the use of technology in classroom. Look how they campaign 21st century learning by exhibiting some relevant projects they have done using technology. Adobe Spark really make their poster looks so amazing!

“Why we should learn ICT” Campaign

There are so many ways to engage your students to spark their curiosity and ideas with Adobe Spark now ! Spark your ideas here

To get more ideas how to use Adobe Spark in the classroom, you can go to this link

Please feel free to let me know if you have any engaging experiences using this platform !

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