Thanks for the response, Steven.

Psychologists to replace spiritual teachers?

As psychology embraces meditation and mindfulness, will the psychologist/therapist start to take the place of realized teachers?

The final paragraph of your response is really insightful.

One additional note. Whenever I come into contact with spiritual content that I consider flakey or inauthentic, I try to remember that what’s really being highlighted are own biases and in particular my personal identity as a serious meditator. Just one more object to observe.

You caught me red-handed! I think my ego may have attempted to elevate the status of how I see my own practice (authentic) by labeling or judging some other approach as flakey or inauthentic. When I try to apply ‘right view’ I strive to be less judgmental, and to hold fewer solid opinions or biases, but it is not easy. Thanks for helping me to revisit.

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