Being Present
Zaira Abbas

Living with two young children, I find that I must live in the present out of necessity (take your eye off a toddler for a momentary daydream at your peril!). But at the same time, parenting brings with it a responsibility to plan ahead for the sake of your offspring. Thus, I find my efforts over recent years to be more present in the now are both reinforced and tested by parenthood.

A person (me, for example) who strives to be more mindful, to live in the present, may feel that they are compromising their intention by planning ahead.

One way that I deal with this, is to set aside time specifically for planning. Very deliberately, very mindfully I focus on the future during this time. The challenge is to actually turn off once the planning work is complete (and return fully to the present)— it isn’t easy but it can be done, and I find that I am getting better at that with practice.