The Problem with “Playing” Switzerland.

Switzerland is great. Famous for chocolate, protective banks and staying out of things. The country’s name has become synonymous with neutrality.

It’s great, until is isn’t.

The US is a democracy. It requires our people to do their research, understand issues, speak up and act. The speaking up is so important that it’s protected by our Constitution.

Voting is only one form of action that those in a democratic culture should be doing.

For those unwilling to dig deep, go beyond their news and media trust, or follow a leader without question will become an unwitting cog in the machine they don’t understand. Following a leader that doesn’t do their hard earned research or have smart solutions for our problems, or giving your full trust to media sources and reported polls is lazy. It creates a culture based on fear, because we fear what we don’t understand.

Standing on the sidelines is an option only for the lazy.

Laziness only works if you’re content with your situation. And that’s a temporary affliction.

If you want to play a role in your own future and that of the world around you, digging deep into understanding, speaking out and acting proactively is the only path ahead.