Luke Cage,Bulletproof? Yes. Foolproof? No.

As much as I enjoyed Marvel’s Luke Cage, this series had a few scenes that could have been tighter and relationships that could have been simplified.

Let’s start with…


I felt that Tone robbing Cottonmouth was the original subplot from the beginning but somehow landed on the cutting room floor.

To recap, Dante, Shameek and Chico robbed Cottonmouth’s gun shipment exchange and stole the money. During the heist, Shameek shoots Dante for complaining. After Shameek and Chico leave Dante behind for dead, Dante manages to call Tone and relays that Shameek and Chico shot him. Then Dante dies.

Days later Tone ‘finds’ Shameek and tells Shameek that “they” are looking for “them.” THEY being Cottonmouth and ’em. But I believe the THEM is Chico, Shameek AND Tone.

Tone brings Shameek to Cottonmouth, who beats Shameek to death. If you watch the scene again, the look in Tone’s eyes during the beating of Shameek is not of disbelief. It’s more of, “I hope Shameek doesn’t tell Cottonmouth I’m behind this.”

Shameek is killed leaving Chico remaining.

Later, Turk calls Tone — not Cottonmouth — to tell him that Chico is at Pop’s Barbershop. Tone urges Cottonmouth to kill Chico because he doesn’t want anyone to know that it was him that double-crossed Cottonmouth.

This would have been a better subplot if they didn’t drop it.


…but in a bad way.

First, it’s stated that William and Luke were best friends and unbeknownst to Luke, half-brothers. Aside for Luke’s father showing favor for Luke over William, I don’t see a real reason for William to hold a grudge for this long.

Second, how is a guy from the South running Harlem behind the scenes? If Cottonmouth and Mariah inherited Harlem, how would William rise above the king and queen? William’s role should have been the supplier of Judas bullets and after Cottonmouth’s death, stepped up and taken over Harlem.

Overall, the brother’s keeper theme was weak.


We don’t believe you, you need more people.

The connection between Pop and Reva was wic-wic-wack.

How convenient is it that Reva is Pop’s daughter, who worked at Seagate Prison which is located in Georgia. Reva meets Lucus and approves him for a secret program. After Lucas becomes Luke Cage, Reva marries him. Reva and Luke move back to NYC and open a bar in Hell’s Kitchen — not Harlem.

In another scene, Misty Knight finds the picture of Reva in the rubble. Wouldn’t Misty Knight have known Reva since Misty knew Pop?

The Pop and Reva connection was weak.


Shades is supposed to be from Harlem, and somehow he gets locked up and sent to Seagate, which is in Georgia.

This makes no sense.

Using NYC as an example, if you do a crime in NYC and go to Rikers, you won’t be sent to Georgia. You’ll be sent to Ossising or further upstate in NY but never out of state.

Shades gets out of jail and comes back to Harlem. (Unlike Reva who went to Hell’s Kitchen) Shades has history with Cottonmouth but they never go deeper than Shades is Diamondback’s right hand man.

There was really no purpose in Shades being in Seagate. He could have just been a normal Harlem thug who worked for Diamondback. Simple.

If they REALLY needed a connection, Shades could have been the father to Chico and assumed Luke Cage killed his son fueling his passion to kill Luke Cage, blah, blah, blah.


Finally, the writers missed something special. By making Luke Cage the son of a preacher, he would have been a preacher’s kid.

Luke did quote Luke 4:18, showing us the origins of his first name but Preacher’s kids have traits about them which could have been to build his character more. Maybr more scripture could have been thrown around.


Aside from that, I liked the show. I feel the writers could have gone over the script more and made it more solid.

I’m available if you need a 2nd set of eyes for season 2.

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