I’m Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, But You Are Wrong
Rick Webb

Maybe if the mainstream media didn’t take money from politicians and coordinate with them behind the scenes, we wouldn’t be here.

Maybe if the press didn’t have an incestuous relationship with Washington insiders (siblings, spouses, etc.), we wouldn’t be here.

Maybe if politicians didn’t try to silence legitimate journalism like Wikileaks, we wouldn’t be here.

Maybe if politicians actually invested money in all levels of education, we’d have more critical thinkers (and wouldn’t be here).

What do you think caused the Rust Belt states to turn red— economic stagnation, life-threatening/crumbling infrastructure, an unjust war in the Middle East that cost us $6 trillion that could’ve been spent on social programs… or a handful of clickbait articles?

That hubris, “they would’ve voted for us if only they had the REAL news”, is what lost the dems the election. And this is coming from a Jill Stein voter that abandoned the DNC after the primary.

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