Why I love my Apple Watch

I like new technology. New gadgets. I’m an early adopter.

It’s a risky business being an early adopter. I bought the first ever Android tablet. The Motorola Xoom. Remember that? Yes, that was a mistake. So when the first Apple wearable was realised I was taking a risk buying it. But, six months on it’s not a decision I’m regretting.

I wear it everyday. I use it everyday. In fact, as far as the technology I use everyday goes it’s up there with my iPhone and MacBook. That’s a pretty big piece of my life.

Notifications and Glances are the stand out features. Apps less so. It is afterall a piece of tech with a small screen attached to my wrist. It’s not going to replace my iPhone, but it’s a perfect companion for it. From emails, text messages and all of those daily notifications you get on your phone. I get all of that on my Apple Watch. If I want a little more detail, want to switch songs, podcasts, check my calendar or the latest news, weather, even my steps for the day, I use Glances. One swipe up and all of that information is quickly available. It’s brilliant. I don’t even have to reach for my phone!

Apple’s Activity app is a huge plus too. Tracking steps, calories and how much of the day you spend on your feet isn’t unique. There are plenty of fitness wearables out there, but when they come as part of a package that includes everything I mentioned above too, the Apple Watch is a very compelling product. I use the activity tracking everyday. It has become a key part of my fitness regime, tracking my running and cycling (indoors), making me aware of how much exercise I’m doing day by day. It probably hasn’t spurred me onto exercise anymore than I do already, but it certainly allows me to track my daily movements with improved ease.

As you’ve gathered, I’m a big fan of the software, so what about the looks? It is afterall a watch. A fashion accessory.

I’m a big fan of how it looks on my wrist. The ability to change the watch face daily. The wrist straps too. It means I’ve got hundreds of combinations to choose from depending on what I feel like or what I’m doing. I’m never short of options. I haven’t just bought one watch. I’ve bought hundreds.

With the update to WatchOS 2 there came more customisations. More watch straps, more watch faces. More personality in the watch faces too. Now you can add a photo or a selection of photos to the screen. If you really want your holiday snaps on your watch face, you can do just that. It really makes the watch feel yours.

Finally, battery life.

Remember when the Apple Watch was originally announced? Apple appeared cautious when talking about the battery life. It got a lot of initial criticism before entering the real world because people didn’t want to charge their watch once a day. But, the battery life is great. It can easily go 48 hours, probably more, without a charge. Personally, the issue never bothered me even before I got the watch. I have always been comfortable taking the watch off at night. Leaving it on the bedside table. That’s what I’ve always done with watches. Plus WatchOS 2 made a feature out of the charging. It became a bedside clock. Genius.

I heard a lot of people giving the Apple Watch negative press during and after its release. Yes, it’s probably more of a gadget than a watch. Yes it’s Apple Watch 1.0 so it’s certainly not the finished product. It will evolve and grow over time. But it’s a good solid product. The Apple Watch is, for me, a very clever gadget and one that I like, use and have found benefit from having. I’ve certainly not regretted buying the Apple Watch.

It appears this time it pays to be an early adopter.

Originally posted as a Note on my Facebook profile

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