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6 Things Worth Reading
1 Online Course Worth Studying
3 Things Worth Watching
1 Non-Agile Book with Surprising Agile Lessons

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6 Things Worth Reading

Product Management

Ian Schoen from Salesforce writes a excellent piece on how they incorporated Design into the Agile delivery; dubbed Lightning.


Susanne from blogs about the 3 metrics that truly matter for coaches; hint you can track them with a pen and paper and don’t need Rally.

Feature Team

Micky Rodgers outlines how he and a dev team hacked together Tapster (a beer focussed IoT device) using common agile techniques.

Agile Delivery

Michael Shilman writes passionately about Minimum Viable Devops and how teams can load-test quickly for MVP.

Lean Startup

Tren Griffin tells a riveting startup story in “A Dozen Things I Learned Being Involved in one of the Most Ambitious Startups Ever Conceived”

Industry News

This month brought the iteration of Scrum 3.0 specifically Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber discussing the Scrum Values and their place in the Scrum Guide. The webinar can also be found below.

1 Course Worth Taking

EdX are currently offering the Microsoft DevOps Course — DEV212x

The course is free for audit and covers many basics including continuous integration, configuration and release management. Enrol HERE.

3 Things Worth Viewing


Leankit present Leanban: The Next Step in the Evolution of Agile. Free for all; just register here.


Steven Feeney outlines what questions the Scrum Values drive and how they really affect your team


Jeff and Ken outline the changes to the Scrum Guide and take questions

The Weekly Non-agile Book With
Surprising Agile Lessons

The Martian, self-published by Andy Weir in 2011 is the story an American astronaut, Mark Watney, as he becomes stranded alone on Mars in the year 2035.

Whilst riveting and readable the story is really a tale of minimum viable improvisations, supported by empiricism. Watney is unflappable whilst he works through each perilous situation. If you are fan of logic, ruthless prioritisation and fast feedback loops there is a lot of applied Agile lessons under the skin of The Martian.

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