Putting sticky notes on a wall doesn’t make you a designer.
Jarrod Drysdale

There is only some much market on Etsy for hand-made, typography inspired posters of upbeat quotes.

The Minimums blog series is a perfect example. Showcasing celebrities and their super spiritual coffee aero-press that was hand made by Ethiopian coffee yogi’s and makes coffee taste sooooo good! ;-) It’s right there on the shelf next to their bespoke bronze cast of the monopoly boot because it represents

“the paradigm of capitalism and great design allied to the threat of bankruptcy and the cruel chances in the game of life”

Lastly, a glossy photo (uploaded to Unsplash no less) of the desk where next to an antique quill is a single solid black metal cube in perfect #000000. The cube that cost $290 and represents everything and nothing. It is design personified.

Fade out…

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