Well there’s this.
Trevor Bird

Those are letters written by his family, friends and colleagues. A biased demographic predisposed towards believing the perpetrators innocence.

Let’s be generous and say the court received 50 letters from supporters of the convicted rapist.


Out of a population of 318 million. Let’s narrow it down further and remove under 18’s leaving a total legal population of (ball park figure) 210 million.

That means 0.0000238095238095% of the population support the Stanford swimmer and want to trivialise the suffering of the victim.


If such a small sample is indicative of culture then we also live in a culture that believes in flat earth. We live in an atheist culture (1.6% of American adults) and we live in a culture that promotes the existence of fairies as real and our culture also believes the moon landings never took place (6%).

It is extremely dangerous to characterise the entire culture of a society based on one or two data points which have an inherent bias. Each of those 50 “rape culture apologists” would have a polarised view had their family member been the recipient of a rapist’s actions.

I don’t believe we live in a rape culture and I don’t fear for my daughter’s safety living in one of the safest, most liberal, Western democracies in the world.

I will not raise them to be fearful of every situation and perpetrate the belief that men are inherently predatory and dangerous animals to be treated with suspicion at all times.

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