Join the Emerging Technologies Lab as an Innovation Fellow

The ET Lab is pioneering new ways to educate and inform people through experiential learning. The Lab will create immersive educational experiences through new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

The team of proven business professionals, faculty, visual artists, computer scientists and futurists use a human-centered approach to solving specific problems facing business education.

We are currently looking for student developers and designers/artists to work on four major projects that include VR Interactive Games, Ai-driven Bots and Apps and an AR Facial Recognition project on the HoloLens.

Current Student Positions for Fall 2017

— Machine Learning, AI and NLP developers

— Photogrammetry developers

— 3D Artist/Modelers

— VR/3D Game Developers

— UI/UX Designer for VR

— Gaming Storyteller (Script and Storyboarding Writer)

— Multi-App Developer (mobile, web, voice, IOT)

— Project Manager

— Product Driver (manager)


— Must have proven experience with examples

— Strong communication skills

— Work 12–18 hours per week

— $1,000 to 3,000 stipend for semester

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Machine Learning, Ai and NLP developers

Seeking a computer science student with experience in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and/or natural language processing to build a smart chat bot. You will be a member of a team of three that includes another developer and designer.

3D Artist/Modelers

Seeking a 3D artist with experience in Maya (or similar application) and Unity or Unreal to design and create a VR simulation/game experience. Must be able to create, shade and rig models and show examples of work. Experience in VR and gaming ideal but not required.

VR/3D Game Developers

Seeking video game designer with experience in Unity or Unreal Engine to work with 3D Artist to design and develop an interactive VR simulation/game experience. Experience in VR and gaming ideal but not required.

UI/UX Designer for VR and mobile

Seeking a user interface designer for a VR experience and other projects with experience that loves gaming. Must be able to sketch and storyboard.

Gaming Storyteller (Script and Storyboarding Writer)

Seeking a strong narrative storyteller that loves video games. Looking someone that can script an interactive experience based on input from multiple resources and expert on the topic. Experience with storyboarding

Multi-App Developer (mobile, web, voice, IOT)

Seeking app developer with experience working on multiple platforms and using APIs. Projects will range from web apps to mobile to Internet of Things.

Project Manager and Product Driver

Seeking an organized and creative student with experience in design thinking or human-centered design to help lead multiple products and keep them on track. A large part of this role is project management of multiple resources and people so strong communication skills and being organized are vital. Having technical knowledge is helpful but not required. Project will range from Ai to VR to mobile and web.

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