Performance reviews are documents that get written a few times a year; performance feedback happens every single day.
The not-so-dark art of design management
Alissa Briggs

This is such a critically important distinction. Providing daily feedback is a core responsibility of a manager.

Now I’m not advocating being a “Helicopter Manager,” (to borrow a phrase from parenting). Let each member of your team have their own growth experiences, achievements, and occasional failures. But towards the beginning of the workday, after reviewing my own goals and objectives of the day, I like to cruise around and individually visit my team and ask, “How’s it going? Anything I can help you with?” This gives the person the opportunity to bring up any blockers or problems that they’re having, or alleviates the hesitation to ask for help later. And helps to surface issues that can be discussed more privately during one-on-ones.

Performance reviews are then just the formalization of daily growth and performance feedback. And the designer should have no surprises about what’s contained therein because it’s been discussed all along.

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