Try wearing a nun outfit, and see if that helps.
J. Reed Schrichte

I’ve read enough of this sort of article I was starting to wonder if I’d know when I finally saw it or if I was making women’s lives harder without realizing it (and they were turning to blogs I was unaware of to voice their opinions instead of telling me). I also attended a number of “women in computing” meetings when I was still in school where this sort of thing was preached all the time so women just coming into the workforce were already convinced they were being mistreated and on high alert before they even got their first paycheck. My team lead right now’s a woman but she’s extremely respected because she’s actually a great developer as well as mentor as well as leader in general. The only difference in how she’s treated is that our CTO is afraid to shoot her with nerf guns (and openly voices this) because of the MEAN look she can give when she’s not in the mood for that hahah, and that has nothing to do with her sex either, she just doesn’t put up with shit in general. She’s also the one person in the office who’s really been able to give me constructive feedback of how I can do better working with the team. I’ve got huge respect for her as a _person_.

There can definitely be some crude language thrown around but its never been sexist at all anywhere I’ve worked and no one I’ve ever worked with would’ve tolerated it either. Its no fun for anyone and the idea of it reminds me of what you hear about Wall Street being like in the 50s.

Anyway, I’m tired of reading this sort of thing and was mislead by the title or wouldn’t have spent the time reading. Hope things turn around for the author.

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