Kristi Coulter

  1. Everyone around you seems too act like assholes. For half of you’re story I sided with you, but you show some behavior that obviously attracts jackasses.
  2. What are you expecting by blogging this? Support? Ha…. This is the internet… you’re about too get destroyed.
  3. Apparently now every girl or guy around you is a complete drunk? Where’s the weed in all this? Should’a smoked some.
  4. You’re only the 10,000,000,000 woman who has ever existed (yes 10 billion… when you imagine all the women who’ve lived and died throughout history) to project jealousy upon another woman. You say you don’t… but you literally just spat out 10,000 words saying that you do.
  5. From a guy’s perspective…. what the fuck did I just read? None of us care.
  6. As a guy… I have too ask… Why do you think we’d care? You’re in control of you’re own self, getting wasted has nothing to do with it…. perhaps it’s just the environment you put yourself in…. don’t act like all guys act like that, change you environment and work with other guys and stop fucking projecting. Seriously, the numbers are not on your side.
  7. Japan has a lot of single guys if that’s what you want.
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