Our users expect a continuously evolving high quality product
Why we’re switching Ulysses to Subscription
Max Seelemann

Continuously evolving? Strong disagree.

Your users expect a reliable product that maintains compatibility with the latest OS.

The app’s appeal is its simplicity.

When there is a major OS change, charge for a compatible upgrade. User who upgrade their OS will gladly pay to continue using the app; such pricing is common and understood.

Given that, there should not be a need for spending resources on “continuously evolution.” You got the app right.

The idea of a subscription is contrary to the ethos not only of Ulysses as an app but also writing as art. You invest in a good tool, like a notebook or a typewriter, and you expect to use that tool for a long while.

To put it plainly: saying your users expect continuous evolution is patently incorrect.

This is not a move driven by sustainability. Rather, it’s driven by a desire to show rapid revenue increase.

tl;dr It’s a writing app. You don’t need to use agile development.

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