How to make money in Runescape

So many people play MMO RPG games around the world. According to statistics, more than 77k users play OSRS alone and its only increasing. While it’s a popular hobby now, not many people know that its possible to even make money in runescape while you’re playing and enjoying inside the game.

Personally, I’m playing for quite a few years now and have been able to make money in runescape repeatedly and in 5–6 figures. I found from my personal experience that if you apply some specific techniques and hacks, its possible to earn big money in runescape while you enjoy the game.

In this article, I’m going to reveal the ways you can make money in runescape in 5 and even 6 figures by using some of the top secret techniques I have discovered and successfully used over thee years.


Merchanting is referred to the process of buying something for low price and selling it for high prices.There is plethora of hungry buyers in the market willing to buy various skills and services you can offer such as rs gold, coal or armor that you can buy for low and sell for higher prices and make quick, real,awesome cash.

There are some specific techniques, using which you can find really low-price, high-demand items and sell it to the buyers who are willing to buy immediately on high prices.

My favorit technique that is very effective and powerful is to use


Which is an amazing platform where buyer and sellers meet. Thanks to their marketing efforts, there are number of buyers on stashz who are willing to pay immediately and in fact high prices if what you’re selling is valuable to them.


If you ask me what’s the best way to make money in runescape from newbee’s perspective,Woodcutting is going to be my definite answer.

Back when I’ve started playing runescape, I used to cut a lot of regular logs and save them. Then I ran into some members that said they were buying them for 50gp each! Shortly after I realized that some members buy for100 gp each! Once you get up to a high enough level for willow logs, yew logs, and magic logs {Membs} you can also cut those for money. They are usually pretty easy to sell.

From woodcutting, its possible to make money even if you’re account is on level one.

Mistake not though. As simple as it is for newbies, there are plenty of advance techniques that I personally deploy and make money on repeated basis almost anytime I want and everytime it gives me amazing money I can use for whatever way I have to.

Collecting herbs

Another one of the easiest and sure-to- success way of making money in runescape is by collecting unid (unidentified) herbs. It gets easier if you have a ring of wealth on but with a weapon go to the Edgeville dungeon then go to level 2–5 wilderness and you will find chaos druids. Kill them and usually every time they drop a herb. Now those herbs unidentified sell for 1k gp each or even higher. Bank them and repeat the process.

You can sell these herbs on the platforms like


As the buyers there are waiting for some cool herbs that they can buy.

Mining and Smithing

All the ways that I’ve discussed above requires you to have an account, sometimes a powerful account that allows you to excavate valuable stuff that can be soled.

A downside to this is that a powerful account is indeed required for best results, which isn’t a problem but takes a little while to reach to a substantial money making root.

One way I found to tackle the situation and getting quick cash is that I mined iron ores and coal, then made steel bars, then sold them for 500gp each. If you know how to do it right, its possible to repetitively and easily make money by this.

While above are some of my most favorite ways to make money in runescape, we have only scratched the surface.

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