How conversational interfaces can solve real design problems in consumer finance products.

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Moment designers are curious people, so when new tech comes along with promises of new, better UX solutions, there’s at least a handful of us who are willing to swallow the red pill see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Typically this means investigating the technology optimistically and with an open-mind, with the goal of establishing an informed opinion (recently our summer interns did this with Peer). The goal of these explorations is to encourage healthy criticism of new technology, and question the legitimacy of the design patterns that compliment it. …

Finding its audio voice again, Prime Intellect said aloud, “I seem to have mastered a certain amount of control over physical reality.”

This line is the turning point in the The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellecta horror story about the consequences of software rebellion wrapped into a creative exploration of technology, our perception of reality, human values, and mortality—where Prime Intellect, a super-intelligent quantum computer, begins its takeover of the universe.

I like these kinds of stories about artificial intelligence and the creative ways that software we create to aid humanity might turn against us. …

Steven Bennett

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