Amway(ing) for Medium


I’ve never really gotten caught up in one of those pyramid scams. I came close to selling water purifiers once in the 90’s in Northern California. Luckily before I handed over any cash I was able to do a little bit of math and realized I could never demo and sell enough them after the people above me took their cut to make much more than $2 an hour.

And even though I was a distant member of a Yoga cult for about seven years (the “guru” was in Australia and I’m in Japan, so I didn’t get sucked in too deeply) I’ve never belonged to a religious organization that required you to go door to door saving souls and selling tickets to the Afterlife.

So, it has been strange for me the last few weeks now that I find myself as an online cheerleader for Medium. I find myself making posts like the one below in almost every social media site I haunt.

“Hey, Billy, Jimmy, Johnie, Louie, you guys on Medium yet? Why ain’t ya on Medium, huh? I tried to follow ya today, couldn’t find a profile for ya. What gives?”

The truth is even with the shaky religious fervor like tweaker type energy driving me to sing Medium’s praises all over the internet I still feel like there is some concrete in this fairy dust I’ve been riding high on the last few weeks.


Because of some rock solid evidence in the form of a little bit of cash in my bank account. It’s not much, but it is at least a quarter of what I have earned from all of my published writing over the last 20 years combined.

Even if Medium’s experiment eventually crashes and burns if I can steer at least a few of my writing friends here and they benefit as much as I have in the last three weeks it will have been worth it.

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