VidCon Debrief

I would feel bad for Anita having to deal with all of this harassment if she were to make accurate claims to the video games she shames, but she is so wrong in her series about gender tropes in video games that it’s hard to believe she has ever touched one in her life. In one video she discusses Hitman Absolution, and how you can kill strippers in one of the missions. She states “The player cannot help but treat these bodies as things to be acted upon, because they were designed, constructed, and placed in that environment for that singular purpose”. She fails to mention that it is not forced upon the protagonist to do so, and that it is an easily avoidable situation. The game is based on stealth, and you lose points for murdering innocent people as well as have rewards revoked for doing so. In fact, it is more beneficial to NOT kill the strippers. All in all, she deserves the backlash, because she is a spreader of cherry picked information laced with bias that spreads fallacies about great games. I’m surprised she was even allowed at Vidcon, let alone was aloud to stay after breaking policy.

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