The Ultimate “Catfish” Killer is Finally Here

Plenty of Fish

As recently as ten years ago online dating was still taboo. At the time, most eligible singles wouldn’t be caught dead doing it, but times have changed. With apps like The League, Raya, MillionaireMatch and more, even celebrities are now getting in on the action. Although access to others and opportunity to meet people has grown tremendously thanks to social media and online dating, the dangers and difficulties that come along with it have grown even more.

Online dating proliferated for the same reason online banking and e-commerce did. Convenience. But just as financial fraud, identity theft and other cyber-crimes skyrocketed, so has romance scams, violent crimes and general deceitfulness in dating online.

Online dating evolved from America Online and Prodigy chat rooms. The idea of “usernames” or “screen names” came from the use of “handles” by individuals on Citizen’s Band (CB) radio. A key tenet at the time was anonymity. People wanted an online identity dissociated from their real life one. They were afraid of being identified. They were afraid of being mocked or ridiculed. They wanted to meet people while maintaining their privacy. However, as the technology has evolved so have the bad actors.

Fakes, fraudsters, scammers, creeps and bots have sieged the Internet. An entire industry of cybersecurity has emerged to combat the issues, but no one has cracked the code when it comes to dating…until now.

We just completed our second pivot and third launch of Love Lab. We went from being a dating app with verification to a verification app for dating. We don’t want to compete with the monolithic Match or other stalwarts. We want to complement them. If you meet someone online (or even in person) you can verify each other for free on Love Lab before you date.

Individuals self verify on Love Lab like they would on CreditKarma. You can prove yourself in multiple ways and take your trust level with you anywhere you date. People on Love Lab must register an email and authenticate Facebook, verify their phone number and pass a facial recognition test, privately prove their age and identity, before finally being able to authorize a national criminal background check. You can personalize your Love Lab ID in the Settings of the app and use that as your contact information to communicate with others.

You can see I’m verified by Love Lab at Download the app, verify yourself for free and request a match with me to chat.

Here’s the best part. When you look someone up on Love Lab or vice versa you can request to chat. And to ultimately be sure that what you see is what you’ll get, we built in photo and video messaging that must be taken using the camera in the app which will disappear when the receiver has looked at it once.

Women, when you meet a man online or off, be safe instead of sorry and verify him on Love Lab before you date. Fellas, if you want build trust and chemistry before a date, meet up with her on Love Lab to prove you are who you say you are and you won’t be surprised by who shows up for that date.

We’re keeping it free until it takes off. I need your feedback and I need you to spread the word. Let’s make social responsibility an absolute must and finally put an end to online dating deception once and for all.