Publish, then Perish

There’s something I really dislike about the pace of modern day publishing.

The usual editorial calendar on a blog has one post in research, one post I writing, and one post being published, each at one week intervals. Or you’re insane like, and you post 20 times a day.

But the best writing, the pieces we remember, the pieces that are going to be included in The Best American Essays 2015, these take months to work over.

Really, all your blog posts serve one purpose. To get people off your post and on to your call to action. Lists encourage readers to read faster. What we don’t want is anyone to linger. Or to re-read. Heavens, we surely can’t have them rolling prose over their lips like a soft honey made from violet flowers.

In the end you’ll cause some discussion on Twitter. And the history of your piece will be that others will take your 10 tips for whatever, cross them with 10 other tips, shake the lot together and produce their own blog spam.

And the circle goes on. Zombified writing.