Since Sept until now i had more than 3 month did not enter here….very busy. Many new work project need to handle and follow up, schedule was full of planning sometimes really don’t know where to start.

Is tough to balance our life specially when you see some unfair, regardless on work or personal. …


Yesterday i was attend another Continuous Programmed Education course, is was so long i never see my x colleague and they keep asking me how am i…. the moment all my memory to refresh when we are working together. Times pass really fast i had been working in Singapore more than 20 years, recall all my previous different experience felt like just happen yesterday is only they looks older, some i don’t even can recognized them until they call my name. I met one of my good brother and he told me he going to have a surgery due to some issued on his kidney, that make me a shock and feel upset, he use to be very healthy and always concern of his health, suddenly this happen….haiz. This is life!

Education in life

Last 2 days i had attend 2 days continues professional education, few lecturer giving a very interesting topic, those knowledge is really use full to us while we having eye refraction for patient. Technology is getting more advanced the world is changing.

In life we need to keep on moving to learn a new things. In fact we are every day learning, knowledge, social, communication and appreciation. Is depend how are we looking of every single things; one of my senior told me last time when you facing intractable problem just calm down yourself and take a deep breath, drinks a cup of water you will easier to get the solution, at first i do not understand why but now i really believe it maybe my age is catching up :) ha ha…


Steven Chong

Global Optician trainer

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