Film Sequence

The technique I use to take a photo is called a series of fragments that build a whole. It is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured. The video is talking about Sydney daily life, in the morning people usually drinks coffee so I took a photo of a coffee shop at the darling harbor, next I went to the west field and took photos of people going around shopping, and finally I went to the harbor bridge and took the photo of the Sydney opera house and the tall buildings around. Through this video, I wanted to show that Sydney is a unique place whereby it’s different from another country. The photo was taken in different places, including beach, darling harbor as well as the harbor bridge. I took a photo every five second which is 12 photo every one minute and in two minutes I will take 24 picture, I play this movie 24 frame a second which is 2 minute of the real world become one second of video. Taking time-lapse is hard as we need to take something is moving, the challenges I had taking the photo is that it takes up a lot of time and we need to literally wait for it and it is very boring. The equipment I used are the canon digital single-lens reflex camera also called the DSLR and a tripod stands to hold the camera in place.

Marclay, Christian-The Clock(2010) Fragments that build a whole