Please start using Add to Calendar buttons in your RSVP event emails.

Use an Add to Calendar button like in the email above to send your event details directly into our personal calendars.

My artist friend just sent out an email for his upcoming gallery opening.
It had a nice photo, it had nice text, and it had no way I could remind myself to go.

We’re more likely to show up to your event if you can save us the unnecessary work we need to do to remember to show up to your event.

Established businesses already follow this rule, yet most artists and independent small businesses do not:

Make Emails Actionable.

The best thing you can do for your customers’ experience (aka. all of us because we all get a ton of emails) is to please give us SOME CLUE what the one thing you want us to do after we’ve given you precious time to read your long email.

You may have told us what to do and why in some earlier paragraph but now: show us the do.

It takes 10 seconds of your time to save each person you are asking 10 seconds of their time. 
10 seconds per person x the # of people on your email list = hundreds of potential minutes saved from the nightmare of every person creating their own calendar reminder.

Insane right?

Here are 2 sites to try out, both have free plans!


I have zero affiliation with the sites above.

If you know a friend who sends you emails for their events that can use this, please share this article!