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(Before I get snarky, I truly appreciate your candor. You seem to have made it through to a better side.)

Don’t be cruel, don’t give us hope.

I have it on good authority that only 0.00162% of assholes change to any perceptible degree. Reengineering asshole DNA (both metaphorical and actual) is still decades away and by the time we start getting close to cracking asshole DNA our species will be on the brink of extinction. And so it goes, the mysterious ways of Gods and programmers (both digital and analog).

I’ve always been mystified as to why something would want to produce such an absurd simulation. Evil clowns did it no doubt. Assholes rarely have the ability to perceive asshole traits in themselves. We are evil clowns no doubt.

Trump gave the Ignorati a chance to climb out from under their humiliating hiding places into the light of day and express themselves, giving vent to their dull, pernicious pain and crackling anger.

The sad thing is, and this is where my insidious guilt threatens to overwhelm me, the decent, broad-minded, critical thinkers, ensconced in their Pollyanna, Club Med, dream world of tech toys, gaga science feats and fantasies of mystical evolutionary paradigm shifts wallowed in the comfort of their self-righteousness, ignoring lazily the growing socio-economic, psychosocial and environmental cancer, preferring instead to jubilate in their awesomeness.

But I will take your advice and follow your numbered list because I too must live with myself until the end: to make it until the end I must make believe that I’m doing something meaningful.

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”

― Voltaire


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