Regression to the mean streets.

Without resources from China, you can’t make an iPhone and you can’t build a pipeline even if imports from China are only a trickle.

[China — dump U.S. treasury bonds now!]

Maybe it’s for the best. The USA after Trump might look a lot like an Amish farm.

Oh, I forgot, there won’t be any fresh water in the Ogallala aquifer, the average global temperature will be 3F degrees hotter, the oceans will be dead and there will be hoards of angry migrants zombie shuffling around the midwest killing each other for a hand full of grubs.

Sorry, I forgot, that’s our children’s problem. Baby boomers can retire and enjoy their Club Med climate for another 20 years or so — maybe.

Kids, I wish you all the best.

Ditch hope and optimism for action!

Oh, and I have one favor to ask of Europe, Canada, Ecuador, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and any other country with a sane population. Please save all the scientific data, good books and well researched information in the world. Lock it up in a safe bunker somewhere. I have a feeling the Trump administration is firing up the shredders and hiring thousands of crackers (caucasian, evil computer hackers) to destroy any information that displeases our great leader. Hail the Chief! I meant fail the chief!

And one more thought: How can any American say with a straight face that they are pro-life while blindly accepting human-caused mass extinction and climate change?

Hypocrisy, it seems, is the crux of humanity.