The Greatest Story Tellers on Earth

Politicians are storytellers, they have to be, they are elected mostly based on how their stories resonate with voters. Voters are generally common people and they want to hear what they want to hear. Politicians pick voters, in most cases, based on their own inherent proclivities. They then begin to compose stories to tell them. (It’s easier to tell a story that you already believe but it’s not necessary.)

If a politician’s stories are pleasing to their voters it’s likely that the politician will get their votes. It feels good to be a voter and have a vote to give and a vote to take away from everybody else. It feels so good, in fact, that once one has snatched a vote away from all the other competing politicians, one will most likely stubbornly stick with the storyteller/politician of their choice.

Politicians, the vast majority of them, especially in our current culture, but most certainly in past periods as well, don’t compete for positions of pseudo-power out of a profoundly felt obligation to serve the people, or from a deep moral and philosophical tradition of truth-seeking, or because they see problems that need solving — no, not at all, most of them do it for fame, respect, recognition, money, attention and to experience all those lovely brain chemicals that ignite in the “mind” and quiver throughout the body, producing energy that projects out into the space around them through sound waves, electrical currents, and kinetic gestures. Politicians know well that they only have to exercise their egos to experience these forms of intense sensual excitement. It can be exhausting, of course, and it can be painful but it’s also addictive. Pseudo-power is a rough ape that must be tamed but rarely ever is.

It’s amazing how energetic politics is. One might say even sexy in a perverse kind of way.

Politicians tell voters what they want to hear. The voters thank them by volunteering to work for them, by cheering for them and admiring them. They feel so safe. The emotions voters feel when their politician is in office are so warm and lovely. It’s almost frightening knowing how easy it is to love one’s very own politician. Knowing that one’s made the winning choice is intoxicating.

Corporate leaders also love politicians. They love them because they need them to create laws that help them make money or to destroy laws that impede their ability to make money. The politicians don’t actually do anything but follow their Corporate leader’s orders, but the Corporate leaders have learned that it’s important for common people to have a system in place that allows them the illusion of some form of control. These illusions are couched in the form of ideas. The corporate leaders and their various partner-proselytizers call these ideas things such as: “freedom”, “democracy”, “human rights” and all kinds of other wonderful words and phrases containing ideas that that are immensely attractive to common people. Corporate leaders are stronger, smarter and more important than the politicians (we can’t call politicians leaders because they serve the corporate leaders — in fact, they are only minions).

The corporate leaders have their special God, Religion, and Angel. This trinity is extremely powerful and not to be trifled with. Their God is called “The Free Market” and it’s helped greatly through a wonderful invention they call Capitalism. They will admit in moments of humility before their God, The Free Market, that Capitalism is a terrible system, it’s just better than all the rest. You see, their God would not be a truly benevolent God if he didn’t have abrasive flaws that Corporate Leaders could hone their free will on.

They don’t need other Gods to tell them that certain, “divine” humans have dominion over people, plants, beasts, shall we say, life itself — and every other thing they call a resource that nature has produced over billions of years. They just know it. It’s simple and direct, this “knowing”, and it’s easy to prove with the right stories.

You see Corporate Executive Officers serve a higher purpose. They can and do find problems that need solving. They find needs to fill and fill them. They even invent needs that need to be filled. They create problems that need to be solved. Such is the depth and breadth of their profound genius.

Oh, and, these Corporate leaders have invented the greatest story ever told, it’s called Economics and its primary mechanism of exchange is money. Money is like God’s little helper or what religious people might think of as God’s favorite Angel. This wonderful Angel validates the greatest story ever told, the story of economics. This powerful Angel is also the root of all evil and therefore, very good for the business of inventing problems that need solutions. Humans need evil — evil gives their lives meaning. Without evil, life would be boring and subdued and strong leaders couldn’t compete vigorously and brutally with each other’s groups. This would not be good for business, nor for the power one feels when one partakes of the tree of the knowledge of the difference between you and me.

So you see, we are very interesting animals with this thing we call consciousness that can produce stories that are magical and capable of making many great things happen.

Isn’t that wonderful? And many of these wealthy Corporate leaders think they have such control over arbitrary natural processes that someday they will be able to live forever and ever and populate the whole, big, wide universe. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Humanity, a purely naturally evolved creature, part and parcel of the universe, with its powerful story-making-consciousness, tells stories that transcend nature itself and daring to dream about spreading its pain and its own unique form of sublime-ironic-beauty all over the Universe.

The Corporate leaders used to think that the world was big enough for them alone to consume, with the help of their slaves of course. Later, with the help of their technologies, they found that their appetites might not be sustainable. Now, through their glorious stories, and even better technologies, they have come to understand that the Universe itself is for the taking — and they will never be happy until they have ingested all of it. They have their System, their God and their Angel to help them make it so.

And now you know what a black hole is, what dark energy is and what dark matter is. It’s what all human understanding is — a good story.

So tell us a story, make us believe it and we’ll all see how it plays out. After all, we the people are helpless when it comes to a good story.

And if you know that, then you too might have a chance to be a King.